Alfonso Soriano is officially going to the Yankees, where he began his career. Just a reminder that for a while Soriano was really good. Above are his season averages from 2001-2003 (his 3 full seasons with the Yankees) and 2001-2008 (when he played with the Yankees, Rangers, and Cubs…his production fell off the table in 2009).

During his first 9 seasons Soriano finished 3rd in the Rookie of the Year voting, was on 7 All-Star teams, won 4 Silver Sluggers, and was in the top 20 in MVP voting in 2002 (3rd), 2003, 2006 (6th), and 2007.

Oh and he was originally a second baseman.

The Cubs will pay $17.7 million of the remaining $25 million on Soriano’s contract. In return they have the Yankees picking up $7.3 million and get prospect Corey Black (3-8, 4.75 ERA with the Tampa Yankees this season).

Random note: My son has a Cubs bear he received at Wrigley during Build-a-Bear Day (in 2008/2009) that he calls “Alfonso Soriano Bear.” He now believes he needs to change the name. 

Orioles acquire Scott Feldman and Tony Clevenger from the Cubs for Jake Arrietta, Pedro Strop, and int’l bonus slots.

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From ESPN’s fantasy draft analysis: “Signed to compete for a reserve/pinch-hitting role by the Red Sox, Overbay no longer packs the power punch that he possessed even three short years ago. His isolated power has been beneath .150 in back-to-back years, and since he’s generally a pull-power lefty, he’s not the ideal fit for Fenway Park’s spacious right-center field. Even if Overbay makes the team, he shouldn’t be more than AL-only roster-filler.”


The Red Sox have relocated to Los Angeles.

The deal sending Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto to LA for James Loney and four minor leaguers is done.

Source: Mike Silverman, Boston Herald

Ryan Dempster Headed to Rangers

No really. Buster Olney and Jon Heyman said so. I promise. 

Ryan Dempster Heading to Atlanta

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