The Rickey Henderson mascot wins the A’s mascot race, and no one at the game was more excited about the victory than Rickey Henderson himself. (x)

Love it.

I believe MLBOffseason predicted Mr. Henderson’s excitement three weeks ago. Sorta.

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The Nationals Just Upgraded Their Wardrobe


Earlier today, I linked to the piece I wrote at Baseball Prospectus in which I scouted the scantily clad ballplayers in 1980s Playgirls. If I was to die, I was hopeful that my obituary would be updated to read ‘Man who wrote about baseball players in Playgirl died in horrific paint fume-inhaling accident.” 

However, the real gift came at the end of the day when according to Adam Kilgore

“Haren got T-shirts of McCatty’s Playgirl shot made today. “UNTUCK” on back. “Utter joy,” Clippard said. “This is the best day of my life.”

This is what’s known as the Butterfly Effect, for the beefcake-post you make one morning soon can soon become the team-building mocking tee-shirt the next. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make a difference in this world, because you can.  

If you have not had a chance to read Mike’s incredibly disturbing awesome post on MLB players in Playgirl…you, my friend, have not lived

The Mets released Rickey [Henderson] in May 2000, which meant that he helped us to the playoffs in his only full season with the ball club. He was instrumental in not only getting us there, but in how the playoff shares—the bonuses earned from MLB for each postseason series—were divided. The shares meeting is always an interesting exercise in human dynamics, sort of a microcosm of democracy. Rickey was the most generous guy I ever played with, and whenever the discussion came around to what we should give one of the fringe people—whether it was a minor leaguer who came up for a few days or the parking lot attendant—Rickey would shout out, ‘Full share!’ We’d argue for a while and he’d say, ‘Fuck that! You can change somebody’s life!’ I admired Rickey’s heart, but I usually came down somewhere in the middle.

Mike Piazza

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As we already suspected, Rickey Henderson is the best. Mike Piazza? Probably kind of a dick.

Richie Ashburn - 1962

Duke Snider - 1963

Warren Spahn - 1965

Willie Mays - 1972-1973

Eddie Murray - 1992-1993

Rickey Henderson - 1999-2000

I’m not saying that you can lock up the Hall of Fame by playing for the Mets near the end of your career, but…

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