In September of 2011, the Mets tried to buy land from the city of New York next to their stadium in order to operate a casino. Because investing with Bernie Madoff and signing Jason Bay to a long-term contract weren’t enough to satisfy the Wilpon family’s urge to gamble.

The deal fell through because live-dealer casinos are illegal in New York, except for on tribal lands. They tried to argue that it should be allowed, since vice president of player development and scouting Peter Brand Paul DePodesta used to work for the Cleveland Indians, but that doesn’t count. While Sterling Equities, the real estate company operated by the Wiplon family, is still building an entertainment complex, there’s not going to be a casino there. “Don’t bet on it,” said a representative for the Wiplons. “Actually, you want to bet on it? I’ll give you three-to-one. Or we can just roll dice in the parking lot. Come ON, I need this! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! And another left-handed reliever!”