What to Watch - April 5, 2013

The first full weekend of MLB action…and there are some great games. (And balanced with every team having at least one loss. The Marlins get to brag about having three.) Here is what’s on from best to worst:

1) Angels at Rangers, 1:05 CDT - Easily the best match-up of the weekend. Josh Hamilton returns to the Ballpark at Arlington as an Angel. There will be boos.

2) Nationals at Reds, 7:10 CDT - With both of these teams predicted to win their respective divisions this could be an extremely early playoff preview. 

3) Cardinals at Giants, 1:35 PDT - A re-match of the 2012 NLCS. But with less pressure, excitement, and stars from Fox television shows.

4) Yankees at Detroit, 12:08 CDT - The ALCS was a four-game sweep of the Yankees by the Tigers. By Monday, the Tigers could have a seven-game winning streak versus the Yanks.

5) Red Sox at Blue Jays, 7:07 EDT - Josh Johnson, formerly of the Marlins, had such a bad 2012 that he’s now the 4th starter on the Jays. AL East games are usually long, very long interesting and seeing if Johnson can be back to form adds a little more.

6) Mariners at White Sox, 7:10 CDT - The anticipated re-match of the 2000 ALDS. 

7) Indians at Rays, 7:10 EDT - Interesting series. The Indians looked good in their first three vs. the Jays while the Rays, not-so-much against the O’s. Rays fans are still waiting for the Yankees games and playoffs to really care. (They had 17,491 on Thursday.)

8) Twins at Orioles, 3:05 EDT - Chris Davis has 11 RBI in the first three games - more than 16 MLB teams. He is also the first player since Frank Robinson to homer in the first three games of the season. So yes, watch this game for Chris Davis.

9) Cubs at Braves, 7:30 EDT - The only franchises still in existence from the NL’s first year in 1876 (the Braves did move twice), so there’s that. Plus if the Cubs are winning in the 9th, wait for Carlos Marmol, it’ll get much more interesting.

10) Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 PDT - Over the past 130 seasons the Pirates are 422.5 games back of the Dodgers. Let the catching up begin. Zach Greinke gets his first start in L.A. 

11) D’Backs at Brewers, 7:10 CDT - Kyle “The Wanderer” Lohse gets his first start for the Brew Crew even though he only signed last week. Last year’s 2nd place finisher in the NL Rookie of the Year race, Wade Miley, pitches for the Diamondbacks.

12) TIE

Padres at Rockies, 2:10 MDT - NL West game. The Rockies scored 19 runs in three games in Milwaukee…but it is 643 ft. above sea level. The Padres scored 8 in 3 games against the Mets.

A’s at Astros, 7:10 CDT - The Astros have struck out 43 times in 93 at-bats. That’s a .462 strikeout average. I think believe the A’s starters are planning time in the octagon to see who gets to pitch this weekend.

14) Royals at Phillies, 3:05 CDT - Philadelphia transplants in Kansas City are very excited for this series.

15) Marlins at Mets, 7:10 EDT - Bad news: The Marlins are the only team without a win. Good news: The Mets are thrilled to welcome them to CitiField. 

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