What to Watch - Opening Day, Part I

It’s Opening Day 2013 and there are 12 games on the schedule including the first of the omnipresent interleague contests. Here is the rankings of which games to watch (or listen to) - if you have to choose:

1) Giants at Dodgers, 1:05 PDT, The defending World Series champions versus their greatest rivals on Opening Day? Someone got it right. Note: It’s the 25th anniversary of the Dodgers 1988 World Series team.

2) Angels at Reds, 4:10 EDT, Yes many are shaking their fists (figuratively for most, literally for some) at the idea of inter league play everyday. But if we are going to start the season with an NL-AL matchup this is not a bad one. The Reds will contend for the NL pennant. The Angels after a disappointing 3rd place finish added Josh Hamilton in the off-season and have Mike Trout for the entire year - look out.

3) Cardinals at D’backs, 7:10 PDT, The Cardinals come off an outstanding run in last year’s playoffs while the D’backs look like a team that can challenge the Giants and Dodgers. (Although lots of late injuries aren’t helping.)

4) Red Sox at Yankees, 1:05 EDT, The last time neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox made the playoffs? 1993. So for the haters here’s a chance to see how the mighty have fallen.

5) TIE

Marlins at Nationals, 1:05 EDT, Although the gutted Marlins aren’t much to look at I have two words for you: Stephen. Strasburg.

Tigers at Twins, 3:10 CDT, Like the Marlins the Twins are looking at a long season but it’s worth it to watch the $180 Million Man, Justin Verlander

7) Mariners at A’s, 7:05 PDT, The A’s had a history-making end of 2012 and with few changes the team remains exciting to watch. And they face one of the top five pitchers in MLB - King Felix.

8) Cubs at Pirates, 1:05 EDT, The Cubs and Pirates have over 20,000 wins between them in a rivalry that dates back 131 years. The Bucs are trying to avoid their 21st consecutive season under .500. The Cubs who lost 100 games last season have NEVER had two seasons in a row with 100 losses. Note: The Cubs last opened the season in the Steel City in 1978.

9) Phillies at Braves, 6:10 EDT, The Braves made big additions with the Upton brothers in the outfield and Jason Heyward had a much better third season. The Phillies remain a mystery with an aging lineup - kinda like the Yankees of the NL.

10) Rockies at Brewers, 1:10 CDT, You can watch Yovani Gallardo strike out some Rockies. You can catch a Ryan Braun game before MLB decides to suspend him. And, best of all, you can listen to Bob Uecker on WTMJ radio.

11) White Sox at Royals, 3:10 CDT, With most people handing the division to the Tigers the AL Central feels like one long wild card battle. The Sox fell apart at the end of last season while the Royals once again show “promise.” Maybe we’ll look back and say, “That Opening Day game was HUGE!”

12) Padres at Mets, 1:10 EDT, They have to play each other at some point. Might as well get it out of the way early. Cool that David Wright becomes the third captain in MLB joining Derek Jeter and Paul Konerko. That’s all I got.

- jee

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