On the left is Rangers CEO and president Nolan Ryan (and strikeout king, and all-time no-hit leader, and Hall of Famer - lest we forget) hoisting the William Harridge trophy in honor of Texas’ American League pennant last fall. Harridge was president of the American League from 1932-1958 and a big proponent of an inter-league All-Star game - the first was held in 1933 in Chicago. Harridge was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972, after his death. His plaque reads, in part: He was a modest human being who successfully promoted the league without personally seeking the spotlight.

On the right is Philadelphia Phillies’ manager Charlie Manuel using every ounce of his strength to keep the Warren Giles trophy aloft. Giles was president of the National League from 1951-1969 and served as the general manager of the Cincinnati Reds before that, winning pennants in 1939 and 1940. He was elected to the HOF in 1979, just months after he passed away. His plaque in the Hall reads, in part: During his 18-year reign as chief of the National League, he presided over several historic events, including the birth of expansion baseball, several franchise moves, and the construction of numerous new stadiums.

The Harridge trophy, which looks like it was made in a trophy shop in Milwaukee, is given to the league’s champion every year. A new one is made for the following year’s champ. (I assume the cost of each trophy is between $20-$25. I could be way off.)

The Giles trophy, which is a TROPHY, is given to the National League champion every year. But they must return it….because, my goodness, that is a masterpiece and deserves to be treated as such.

Come on AL, step it up.

Note: I thought of this post after hearing the Texas Rangers’ radio team go into several minutes of detail about the Harridge trophy and its namesake. Apparently they received a replica copy. This explains why I love a) the MLB AtBat app and b) baseball on the radio.

(Image of Ryan is copyright Harry How/Getty Images North America and courtesy of zimbio.com. Image of Manuel is courtesy of dgfo.net)


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